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Ex-Soldier Who was Assaulted by Police Officer Contemplates Criminal Assault Compensation Claim

A former war hero who was assaulted by a police officer while on a night out in Wigan, is contemplating a criminal assault compensation claim after finally seeing justice done.

The Sunday Mirror newspaper is reporting that Mark Aspinall had recently returned from active service in Helmand Province when the vicious attack happened back in July 2008. The incident occurred when Mark, who was out with friends in Wigan, was made to leave a night club when he accidentally bumped into another reveller while drunk.

A shocking video that is circulating around the web, shows CCTV footage of what happened next. It shows Mark protesting his innocence when three police officers decide to arrest him for being drunk and disorderly. As the officers run towards him, Mark falls on the ground. The three officers jump on him in an attempt to handcuff him.

One of the officers – Special Constable Peter Lightfoot – is seen grinding Mark’s face into the road, banging his head on the ground, and throwing eight heavy punches to his back. He was then taken to Wigan Police station where he was locked up for 20 hours without access to a solicitor.

Unbelievably, Mr Aspinall was charged and convicted of two counts of assaulting a police officer for the incident, but had this conviction quashed on appeal. Mr Lightfoot is reported to have lied in court, alleging that Mr Aspinall was behaving “like a madman.”

However, an investigation was launched into the incident, and last week Peter Lightfoot was convicted of actual bodily harm and perjury. He will be sentenced in September and has been told to expect a custodial sentence.

Mr Aspinall is now reportedly contemplating making a claim for compensation for the injuries he suffered.

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