Facial Injury Compensation

At Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors, we understand that a facial injury can be painful and long lasting.

Compensation for facial injury claims

Facial injuries can be the most traumatic type of injury to have to come to terms with after an accident which was not your fault.  Even a minor facial injury might leave you with some level of scarring and in the case of a serious injury your appearance might be permanently altered, either by the injury or by subsequent reconstructive surgery.   Our claims solicitors and legal staff will handle any injury claims sensitively and with understanding.

Face injury compensation claim

Fracture damage

A fracture to the face can range from something that might only require minor manipulation to help it to heal fully right up to something that could leave the person affected with lasting facial deformities, or breathing difficulties (especially in the case of fractures to the nose).

Damage to your teeth

Teeth are often overlooked when people think about the likely injuries that might occur as a result of an accident.   However there are a number of different accidents that might cause you to lose a tooth, such as tripping or slipping accidents, or any accident where you have been hit in the face.   A lost tooth might require expensive prosthetic replacement and lengthy trips to the dentist.

Disfigurement or facial scarring

Awards of compensation for facial disfigurement rather interestingly differ between the sexes.  Women who have been left physically scarred by an accident tend to receive a larger amount of compensation than men, in the case of moderate and serious facial injuries.  In addition, larger compensation awards may be paid out to people who have had to undergo multiple operations after their accident to repair the damage to their face or to lessen the appearance of any scarring.

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