Factory Accident Compensation Claims

Work Compensation InjuryMany of us work in factories, and they have been the bedrock of our economy for decades. Unfortunately though, factories can be potentially dangerous places to work. It’s irrelevant whether you are a fork-lift truck driver, machine operator or factory cleaner, if you have had an accident while working in a factory then you maybe eligible to make a factory accident claim. Employers have liability insurance in place to pay out compensation to workers injured in factory work accidents.

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Employers have a legal obligation to protect the safety of their employees. This includes making sure that all staff are competent and trained properly. There are numerous health and safety directives set in law that are designed to provide a safe working environment for everyone. If these are not followed then employers can face prosecution as well as be open to a factory compensation claim. If you have been involved in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence or an unsafe working environment then call Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors for advice on making a factory accident claim.

Below is a list of potential hazards that employers are expected to guard against:

  • Unclean and slippery floors
  • Obstructions in the working environment
  • Exposed moving parts on heavy machinery
  • Inappropriate clothing and equipment

Floors – Floors should be kept clean and free of substances that can make the surface slippery and cause factory work accidents

Obstructions – The work area should be free of obstructions which can cause a tripping accident. This includes keeping banding and packing materials in an appropriate place and off the floor.

Machinery – Exposed moving parts on factory machinery should be covered with safety guards. Machinery should be regularly and properly maintained to prevent accidents.

Clothing – Employers should provide employees with appropriate clothing to ensure safety. This includes gloves, ear defenders and steel toe cap footwear where necessary.

If you have been involved in one of these factory work accidents then please call for our expert advice. We are skilled professionals who have handled many cases like yours, providing injured workers with factory accident compensation. Employers have liability insurance in place to provide compensation to work injuries in factories.


Factory Work Accidents

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