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Factory worker awarded £100,000 work injury compensation following damage to eye

A factory worker who suffered permanent eye damage when a corrosive chemical dripped onto his face has been awarded £100,000 work injury compensation.

The injury occurred when Sodium Hydroxide leaked from a broken pipe and dripped into his right eye. He subsequently suffered corneal damage, his eyelid turned inwards and he required surgery to move the hair follicles that were causing further irritation.

The worker made a claim for compensation against his employers Ciba Speciality Chemicals Ltd. The company makes chemicals including water sterilizing treatments.

He can no longer safely drive at night and has excessive dryness in his injured eye. Furthermore, the man already had problems in his left eye which were apparent from birth.

He has now been forced to take an early retirement and would have suffered a loss of income as a result without his work injury compensation award.

The £100,000 claim was eventually agreed in an out of court settlement.

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