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Factory Worker gets £60k Compensation for RSI Elbow Injury

A factory worker from Wearside has been awarded £60,000 in compensation after suffering a repetitive strain injury in her elbow.

Angela McGuckin worked at a factory that produced car seats, owned by Tacle Seating. Her role involved using an airgun to staple fabric and attach it to foam that was used in the manufacture of the seating.

During 2007, bosses at the factory asked Mrs McGuckin to perform her role at a high table. Due to her being a height of just 5ft 2in, this meant that she had to continually raise her elbow above her head to use the airgun. This soon left her suffering from elbow and shoulder pain.

Mrs McGuckin and other staff members complained about the height of the table to management at the factory. A company doctor even recommended that the table be lowered.

However, the height of the table was not lowered for over a year. By this time, Mrs McGuckin’s condition had developed to the point that she needed surgery to help treat it. This meant that she had to take three months off work.

The condition still causes her pain and hinders her ability to carry out everyday tasks.

The Sunderland Echo reports that she made a repetitive strain injury compensation claim against the company, and this has just been settled out of court. They report that she will now receive compensation of £60,000.

Health and safety guidelines recommend that repetitive work should not involve the elbow being lifted above shoulder height, and workstations should be an appropriate height for the work.

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