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Fairground Owner Fined after Child Falls from Ride

A fairground owner has been fined after a 12 year old girl fell out of a ride and was injured.

The injured girl was sat on the High Roller ride at the Lostock Hall Carnival in Preston when the accident happened in July 2011. The ride consists of a row of seats that rise off the ground in circular motions.

The 12 year old was sat on the end seat but fell from this position as the ride was swinging through the air. She landed on the platform base of the ride and suffered serious injury.

The girl sustained multiple injuries, including fracturing her pelvis in five separate places. She also cracked a bone in her spine and lacerated her bladder. She has been left with numerous scars from the injuries that she suffered.

The HSE reports that the owner of the fairground has just been prosecuted in regards to the accident. A safety notice had been issued about the ride after an accident at a different fairground in Halifax in June 2010. This notice prohibited fairgrounds with the ride from letting people sit in the end seat until they had fitted safety bars.

A copy of the notice had been handed by the HSE to the fairground owner – Gary Gore – a year before this accident took place. Despite this, there was no additional safety barrier in place when the 12 year old fell from the end seat.

A fine of £18,000 was issued to Mr Gore last week for breaking health and safety law.

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