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Fall through Roof Causes Worker Broken Neck and Back

A fall through a fragile roof caused a worker to suffer injuries including a broken neck and back.

The unnamed 49 year old employee was working for Morrison Facilities Service Ltd at the time of the incident in July 2010. He and a colleague were on the flat roof of a single storey outhouse building in Gedling, Nottinghamshire.

The two workers had been tasked with replacing the cement sheets on top of the flat roof. They had accessed the roof with a ladder that bent into sections. The top section was placed flat across the roof.

Whilst they were undertaking the work, one of the cement sheets collapsed. The worker tried to get off the roof via the ladder, but unfortunately fell through the collapsed sheet, landing on the concrete floor two and a half metres below.

The man landed head first and suffered serious injuries. He suffered neck and back fractures and had to spend ten days in hospital. After this, he was required to wear a neck and body brace for three months whilst he recovered.

The HSE reports that Morrison Facilities Service Ltd have just been fined £18,000 for breaking health and safety legislation in regards to the accident. A spokesperson for the HSE stated that dangerous work at height on a fragile roof was not properly planned or supervised.

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