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Fall through Skylight Opening leaves Bricklayer with Serious Injuries

A fall through a skylight opening caused a bricklayer to suffer serious injuries in a work accident.

The bricklayer – who has not been named – was working on the construction of a new house in Surrey when the incident happened in November last year. He was tasked with constructing kitchen walls inside the property.

To finish work on one of the kitchen walls, he moved from his scaffolding platform to the partially built kitchen roof. Although all of the roof joists had been put in place, two large holes had been left for skylights, with only blue plastic sheeting covering them up.

Whilst on the roof, the bricklayer slipped and fell through one of the skylight openings. He fell three metres and suffered a broken pelvis and a broken wrist when he hit the ground. The injuries have prevented him from working since the incident.

The HSE decided that the construction firm Bascomb and Drew Ltd had failed to adequately guard the skylight openings and protect the safety of workers. The company pleaded guilty to breaking construction regulations at court this week, and were fined £13,000 in relation to the accident.

A spokesperson for the HSE stated that the incident could have been easily prevented by covering the openings with something more substantial than sheeting.

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