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Family of Boy Killed by Falling Branch to Sue National Trust for Compensation

The family of a boy killed by a falling branch is reportedly preparing to claim compensation from the National Trust.

Daniel Mullinger was just 11 when he was tragically killed while on a school field trip. Healthlands Primary School in Essex had taken the year 6 pupils to the National Trust Property of Felbrigg Hall in Norfolk. They were participating in an exercise which involved using compasses and maps on a nature trail to find clues. During this exercise it started to rain heavily and the group sheltered under a tree.

The teacher in charge reported to an inquest hearing that she then heard a large creaking noise and shouted at the children to run. Unfortunately a huge branch fell from the tree and landed on three children. The impact killed Daniel and seriously injuring two others. Daniel was described at the inquest in 2008 as “a perfect little boy who wanted to learn.”

The trees in the property were inspected for defects at set intervals. If the tree was classed as high risk then it was inspected every year, a medium risk tree every two. The tree in question was classed as a medium risk at the time of the accident.

Now The Mirror newspaper is reporting that a High Court writ has been issued by Daniel’s mum stating her intention to seek compensation. It argues that the 160 year old tree should have been classed as high risk not medium risk. The writ also contains claims on behalf of the other children injured.

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