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Family of Boy Left Disabled by NHS Sue for Medical Negligence Compensation

The family of a boy who has been left disabled after treatment in an NHS hospital are suing for medical negligence compensation.

The Northampton Chronicle and Echo newspaper is reporting that Thomas Musgrove was just a baby when he suffered devastating injuries. He was born at Northampton General Hospital in the summer of 2001 by Caesarean section and five weeks early. Tests on him as a new born revealed renal impairment, highlighted by brown urine. Medical staff then decided to keep a close eye on Thomas’ blood pressure. However, his parents claim that this failed to take place.

On 26th December 2002 Thomas was admitted to hospital as his muscle tone had decreased. It is alleged that the hospital failed to take his blood pressure again, and it was later revealed he had suffered a stroke. It was then found that his left kidney was half the size of his right and had just 4% function. This caused the high blood pressure and as a result, the stroke.

Thomas has been left with learning difficulties, mobility and speech issues after the stoke and needs extensive care. His family are now suing the hospital, claiming they should have done more to monitor his blood pressure and should have performed an ultrasound to look at his kidneys sooner. These steps could have prevented his stroke they claim. If successful they could be set to receive compensation in the six figure range.

The case has just been issued in a high court writ, and will be decided at a later date.

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