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Family of Bus Crash Casualty Start Fatal Accident Claim

The family of a man who was tragically killed in a bus accident has started a fatal accident claim against the driver.

Kevin Mykoliw was a mechanic, and was stood at the front of the vehicle as it was about to carry out a brake test. Before the brake test was performed, the bus driver drove into a parked trailer on the side of the road, and Mr Mykoliw died instantly in the collision.

The driver of the bus – Arthur Botterill – has reported to an inquiry that he did not see the trailer. The accident took place at 7am on October 17th 2008. At that time of year in Inverness, where the accident took place, the sun does not rise till after this time.

Mr Botterill was convicted of causing death by dangerous driving for failing to see the trailers in the street lights. He received a three year driving ban, and a sentence of 210 hours of community service.

Now twelve relatives of Mr Mykoliw are making a fatal accident claim for compensation against the bus firm, D&E Coaches, and the owners of the trailer Tulloch Transport. The owners of the trailer are included in the case as the trailer is alleged to have been parked in an illegal position. The group of twelve claimants includes his wife, children and mother. They are seeking damages for the accident caused by the negligence of the two parties involved.

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