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Family of disabled boy wins £3.2 medical negligence compensation claim

The family of a boy who suffered medical negligence when he was a baby has won a £3.2million compensation claim.

Toby Dicks, now 14-years-old, developed septicaemia whilst in South Devon’s Torbay Hospital in 1995. The illness means he faces a lifetime of disability.

After a relatively straightforward birth, Toby was readmitted to hospital just months later with nourishment difficulties. Terribly, he had developed an infection of his intravenous feeding line which caused seizures and cerebral palsy.

His parents, Dawn and Steve, have been acting as his full-time carers since the incident, and were highly praised by the judge at London’s High Court for being ‘loving and devoted.’

South Devon Healthcare NHS Trust admitted liability for his illness and settled the family’s medical negligence compensation claim with a figure that looks to pay for all of Toby’s future care.

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