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Family of Man Killed by Incompetent Doctor Win Medical Negligence Compensation Fight

The family of a man who was killed by the incompetence of the GP treating him has won its fight for medical negligence compensation.

David Gray sadly passed away after being given an overdose of painkillers. The 70 year old was administered the drugs by a locum GP from Germany who was working his first shift for the NHS. He admitted to being tired when he dealt with Mr Gray and was using a drug with which he was unfamiliar. The coroner in the case nevertheless dismissed him as “incompetent”.

Daniel Ubani was given a 9 month suspended sentence for causing death by negligence. However he never actually appeared in court over the incident. He is currently suspended from the UK medical register and is expected to be struck off this week. However, he is still eligible to work in Germany. The case has highlighted the need for stricter controls on European doctors working in the UK.

The family of Mr Gray has been awarded £40,000 for the loss of their relative. Although the settlement figure seems small for the loss of a life, the family insist that their fight was nothing to do with money. They brought the case to highlight the changes that need to be made in the locum GP system.

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