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Family of Man Killed in Tragic Accident Receive Cycle Accident Compensation

The family of a man, who was tragically killed when commuting to work, has received cycle accident compensation.

Ninian Donald was just 33 at the time of the appalling accident. He leaves behind a widow and a young daughter, who was just 19 months old when her father passed away.

Mr Donald was cycling home from his work in Hackney when he was hit by a skip lorry and dragged under its wheels. The lorry crossed over the cycle lane and bus lane as it made a left turn. An early inquest into Mr Donald’s death had concluded that the incident was an accident caused by the cyclist mounting the pavement before getting back onto the road too close to the lorry. CCTV footage showed him undertaking a bus by mounting the pavement shortly before the crash.

His family however took the case to London’s High Court in an attempt to claim compensation for his death. They argued that the lorry’s mirror was not set properly to view other road users. They accepted that the accident had been 25% Mr Donald’s fault but argued the lorry should have been absolutely sure of safety before making the left turn.

Mr Donald’s partner – Kate Evenden – was awarded compensation of £337,500. His daughter Rosie will receive £25,000 of this compensation when she is eighteen years old.

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