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Family of Man Who Died in Crash Face Claim for Compensation from Surviving Passenger

The family of a man who was tragically killed in a road traffic accident are now facing a claim for compensation from the passenger of the vehicle who survived the crash.

Erica Rutter was the only passenger in the vehicle which crashed in February 2008. The car was being driven by her boyfriend Clayton Harffrey as they travelled back from a pub in Chiddingly. Clayton lost control of the vehicle as they tried to take a corner and it smashed into a tree.

Ms Rutter suffered several serious injuries in the crash. These include brain damage and broken bones in her arm, ankle and pelvis. She was living with the driver in the village of Golden Cross at the time of the accident.

She is now claiming compensation for her injuries from the estate of her late boyfriend. The executor of his estate is named as his father John Harffrey, who professes to know nothing of the claim. Her claim is based around the notion that Clayton Harffrey’s negligent driving caused the accident. There was no other car involved in the incident and was hence caused allegedly by excessive speed and failure of the driver to keep a lookout for the oncoming corner.

The claim for compensation is set at an as yet unspecified amount.

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