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Family of rail worker awarded asbestos compensation following his death

A family has been awarded £98,000 asbestos compensation following the death their former railway worker father.

Dudley Maasz worked on the Great Western Railway network between 1946 and 1948 and was exposed to asbestos whilst cleaning locomotive engines. After a 60-year incubation period, he died of mesothelioma in 2006 following a year-long battle with the strain of lung cancer.

As Mr Maasz never made a compensation claim for his illness, his two daughters decided to follow it up following his death.

British Rail admitted liability for the illness caused to Mr Maasz, saying: “Boilers of locomotives were coated with thick asbestos and asbestos was also used over the pipes and cylinders of the engines. As a cleaner and a fireman, Mr Maasz would have been exposed to this.”

Following the statement an out of court settlement of £98,000 asbestos compensation was awarded to the family.

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