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Family of Suicide Woman Receive £10k Injury Compensation

The daughter of a woman who committed suicide after absconding from hospital has received injury compensation for the tragedy.

Carol Savage had been detained at Runwell Hospital under the Mental Health Act. It was reported that Ms Savage had a history of absconding from the hospital and was a known suicide risk. On the day of her death, Ms Savage once again left the hospital and this time unfortunately died at Wickford Station. Her daughter argued that the NHS Trust did not do everything possible to protect her mother’s life.

In what is thought to be a first in an English Court, compensation was awarded after the NHS was proved to have breached Ms Savage’s human rights. Specifically the European Convention of Human Rights act was not followed which aims to protect everyone’s “right to life”. The Judge in the case threw out the NHS trust claim that they did everything possible to protect Ms Savage, declaring that they should have kept her under closer observation. He said that it was clear to all that at the time she posed a significant risk to herself and from her history was clearly at risk from absconding.

Carol’s daughter Anne was awarded £10,000 in compensation from South Essex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, who also later offered their condolences to the entire family of Ms Savage.

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