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Family of Tragically Killed Mum Seek Bus Accident Compensation

The family of a mum who was tragically killed while a passenger on public transport, are seeking bus accident compensation from the bus operators.

Thirty seven year old mum of three, Julie Layton was travelling on a bus run by National Express in Birmingham when tragedy struck. She was on the number 18 bus with her children and was sat at the back of the vehicle on June 25th this year. The driver of the bus braked hard without warning to avoid a collision with a car in front. Unfortunately, Julie was thrown the entire length of the bus by this action and banged her head on a coin machine.

As well as the injury to her head, Ms Lawton suffered serious neck and back injuries in the accident. She was rushed to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham where unfortunately she passed away after a three week battle for life.

Now the Birmingham Mail newspaper is reporting that her family have launched a legal action against National Express. The police have confirmed that the bus driver has not been charged with any offences in relation to the incident, although he had been suspended from his position while the company investigated the incident. The bus driver and the driver of the other car involved were not injured in the tragic accident.

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