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Family of Woman Killed by Foreign Lorry Receive HGV Accident Compensation

The family of a woman who was killed when a foreign lorry crashed into her car has received HGV accident compensation.

Sarah Roberts was tragically killed when the articulated lorry from Belgium crashed into her car on the M2 back in 2006. Dr Roberts’ son was also in the car when the lorry ploughed into it on the hard shoulder of the motorway in Kent. Eight year old Lio survived the crash but suffered serious injuries.

The Belgian lorry driver involved was convicted of dangerous driving for the incident and jailed for 30 months. It was discovered that he had been driving for 17 days without the legally required amount of rest time.

A total compensation package of £625,000 was rewarded to the family at the High Court against the driver, the haulage company and their insurers. Of that settlement, £27,000 was to be set aside for Lio, and £10,000 was awarded as compensation for the pain and suffering of losing a wife. This figure was condemned as absurd and derisory by Lio’s dad Martin Spinelli.

Lio was in a coma after the incident and suffered life threatening injures. He also suffered brain damage and had to have metal pins inserted into one of his legs. His father is able to make a separate claim for compensation on behalf of his son that would cover the expenses associated with his injuries.

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