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Family of Woman Who Went to Lourdes for Cure and Returned with Two Broken Legs Make Compensation Claim

The family of a woman who went to Lourdes for a cure and returned with both legs broken are making a compensation claim for thousands of pounds.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Patricia Mitchell went on a pilgrimage to Lourdes on a trip organised by HCPT: The Pilgrimage Trust and Disabled Together. The devout Roman Catholic has suffered from cerebral palsy for the whole of her life. She went to the sacred sight back in August 2005 to try and get a cure for her condition. Roman Catholics believe that the spring water from the grotto in the southern French village has healing properties. The Catholic Church has officially recognised 67 miraculous healings attributed to the healing power of the water.

Far from returning cured though, when she got back to her home in County Durham, it was discovered that she had broke both her legs. It emerged later that she had fell from a hoist used to move her and fallen a distance of four feet. She had broken her left leg in three places while also breaking her right in one. The injuries were severe and she spent weeks in hospital for treatment. Sadly she passed away earlier this year. Now her two sisters are suing, claiming that she never recovered from the trip. They believe that if she hadn’t have fell than she would still be with them today. The matter is currently under review by The Pilgrimage Trust’s insurers.

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