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Family Receive Large Compensation Settlement for Clinical Negligence after Birth Delay

A family from the north east of England have won a large compensation settlement after suffering clinical negligence resulting in a delay in a birth.

Jensen Carter was born at University Hospital in Durham back in October 2003. A delay in delivery resulted in him being starved of oxygen in the womb. He was born with cerebral palsy as a result and suffers from severe disability. His condition affects all of his limbs and causes problems with communicating.

In 2008 the NHS Trust responsible for University Hospital Durham finally admitted its responsibility and liability for the injuries Jensen suffered at birth. A settlement figure was finally agreed at London’s High Court under the watch of Mr Justice Roderick Evans. The figure has not been released but is expected to be a six figure sum due to the seriousness of Jensen’s injuries.

Settlements for birth injuries usually result in a lump sum payment followed by annual payments to cover the costs of extensive care needs.

In a statement by Durham and Darlington NHS Trust, they apologised for the standard of care Jensen received and hoped that the settlement would provide for his needs in the future.

Jensen’s mum has launched an appeal to raise money for the Percy Hedley School which specialises in children with cerebral palsy, and is attended by Jensen. The Tim Carter Appeal has a target of raising £1.2 million pounds to fund a hydrotherapy pool.

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