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Family Seek Help of a Road Traffic Accident Compensation Claims Solicitor

After seeing their loved one seriously injured in a motorbike crash, the family of the biker are seeking the help of a road traffic accident compensation claims solicitor. They are looking to make a claim for motorbike accident compensation after the incident in September 2009.

The family’s relative, Anthony Law, was riding his motorbike when he was hit by a car making a right turn. Mr Law was travelling on the same road, in the opposite direction when the car turned straight into him. The driver of the car, Kate McCulloch later reported that she had not seen the bike. The 28 year old Ms McCulloch was ordered to pay a small fine of £100 and had her license revoked for 12 months. Mr Law suffered a broken back in the accident as well as broken collar bones, a broken shoulder blade and internal bleeding. His is still in hospital receiving treatment and is unlikely to walk again. He is seeking motorbike accident compensation to help him live with his injuries.

Mr Law is just one of 6000 motorcyclists seriously injured or killed on British roads every year. Although that figure is still much too high, it is in fact steadily falling.

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