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Family Seek Medical Negligence Compensation from Kingston Hospital after Birth Injury to Daughter

The family of an 11 year old girl are seeking medical negligence compensation from Kingston Hospital after she suffered brain damage during her birth.

The family of Hannah Collard-Gray are claiming over £300,000 in damages for the injuries she sustained. She was born four weeks prematurely at Kingston Hospital in 1999. They claim Kingston Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital made a series of mistakes during Hannah’s birth and first few weeks of life. During the birth medical staff at Kingston tried three times to deliver her by ventouse. This involves using a suction cup on the babies head. After this was unsuccessful they attempted delivery using forceps. A successful caesarean section was performed following these fruitless attempts.

While examining Hannah after the caesarean section staff found bruises and forceps marks on her head. She developed fluid and bleeding on the brain and was transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital. During an operation there, her colon was accidentally pierced, which allowed an infection to travel to her brain.

Hannah now suffers from developmental delay, epilepsy, visual and mobility difficulties. It is still unclear how the injuries she suffered will affect the rest of her life, if she will be able to live independently for example.

The family accuses both Hospitals of negligence in the treatment of their daughter. They claim the two different instrumental deliveries should not have been allowed to happen as they caused trauma and bleeding of the brain to Hannah. They are seeking £300,000 in medical negligence compensation.

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