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Family will make claim for compensation against ambulance service after father’s heart attack

A family of a man who died of a heart attack because no ambulances were available to collect him are looking to make a claim for compensation.

They state that if there hadn’t been a 90-minute wait for a vehicle to take him to the hospital – just a two minute journey away, he would still be alive today.

Paul Allen, who was 53-years-of-age, had a heart attack whilst on a shopping trip with his wife and grand-daughter. When his family called for the emergency services, a paramedic arrived in a 4×4 to check the situation.

It was only when it was clear that Mr Allen needed urgent medical attention in hospital that the paramedic ordered for an ambulance to come and collect him. However, by then it was quickly realised that none of the specialist vehicles were available.

After much pleading from the paramedic, a mini-bus, which is usually used to pick-up and transport non-emergency patients to the hospital, was sent to the scene. However, Mr Allen later passed away in hospital.

His daughter, who will lead the claim for compensation against East Midlands Ambulance Service, has said: “My dad was only 53 and for his generation he was really healthy. We just feel like he didn’t have to die. If he had got an ambulance and everything had gone to plan, then we wouldn’t have these unanswered questions.”

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