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Family Win Settlement after Claim for compensation for Death of Son

The family of a teenager who died after a series of mistakes by Hospital staff have been awarded £75,000 after making a claim for compensation.

Lee Nicholls was just 16 when he was treated at Weston General and Frenchay Hospitals in 2005. He was diagnosed with viral meningitis on his admission to Weston General Hospital in Somerset, and underwent a lumbar puncture test. However, a test that would have diagnosed him correctly was not carried out.

This test would have indicated bleeding on the brain, as Lee was in fact suffering from a brain haemorrhage. He was therefore wrongly diagnosed with meningitis and later discharged. He collapsed a few weeks after and was rushed to Frenchay Hospital, Bristol. Despite intensive care and a life support machine, he sadly passed away in March 2005 from a brain haemorrhage.

The Coroner in the case ruled that Lee Nicholls died of natural causes, but that the treatment he received was a strong contributing factor. He reported that Lee would have had a chance at survival if the correct diagnosis had been made.

His mother – Kate Nicholls – made a claim for compensation against the two Hospitals in question, and was awarded a financial settlement of £75,000. She also received written apologies for the death of her son.

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