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Farm Worker Seriously Injured by Runaway Tractor

A farm worker suffered serious personal injury when he was run over by his own tractor, after he left the vehicle to open a gate.

Fifty five year old Colin Jenkin, from Wendron in Cornwall was spreading manure with the tractor but had to leave the vehicle to open a gate, unfortunately the tractors handbrake failed and the tractor moved forward colliding with the farm employee.

Mr. Jenkin suffered serious personal injury in the accident including broken ribs, crush damage to his back and permanent injury to his eye socket. His injuries have been so severe that he has not as yet been able to return to work.

An investigation into the incident by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) revealed that the handbrake on the vehicle had not been maintained correctly which probably led to its failure.

Three brothers Derek Benney, Richard Benney and Roger Benney, all of FH Benney and Sons, were fined a total of £7,500 and ordered to pay court costs totalling £9,000, after admitting a breach of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations, following a successful prosecution by the HSE.

Farming remains one of the most dangerous occupations in the UK and many injured farm workers go on to make successful accident at work compensation claims.

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