Fatal Accident Compensation

At Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors we understand the trauma of losing a loved one in an accident. As well as the immense feelings of grief, there are understandable feelings of shock and a struggle to come to terms with the sudden loss. Many people feel the need to seek some sort of justice through the legal system after such incidents, and we have years of experience in helping families do just that by claiming fatal accident compensation. Our knowledge and belief in offering our services at no cost to you make us one of the UK’s leading legal companies.

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Unfortunately accidents happen everyday, road traffic accidentsaccidents at work and many other accident types. Nothing though prepares us for the devastating and distressing actions that they cause. We understand that claims for fatal accident compensation are not just about financial concerns, but a need for justice and insight into the accident in question. However, many fatal accident claims for compensation are borne of financial necessity. This may be because of the loss of a breadwinner, whether a partner, mother or father.

Two main factors make up fatal accident compensation claims:

  • Damages claim for pain and suffering
  • Damages claim for financial loss

Damages claim for pain and suffering – Successful claims can result in settlements of compensation for the pain and suffering of losing a loved one through an accident or incident which was due to someone else’s negligence.

Damages claim for financial loss – Successful claims can make awards to cover financial losses from the incident. These could include the medical costs, funeral costs and the loss of earnings your loved one would have brought to your family.

The Fatal Accidents Act of 1976 sets out in law the rights of relatives of those killed in an accident that was caused by someone else to claim damages and compensation for the tragedy.


Fatal Accident Claims Solicitor

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