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Fatal road traffic accident caused by removing spider

An engineer from Exeter lost control of her car and killed a cyclist, when trying to remove a spider from her sun visor.

The cyclist died on the A30 carriageway near Tedburn, St Mary on 11th September 2009 after the road traffic accident, a friend of the cyclist suffered serious leg injuries after he was also knocked of his bike in the accident.

It is said that the two cyclists were wearing helmets and cycling safely inside the rumble strip with a safe distance between them, when they were both knocked off their bike.

A witness in a car behind said she saw the car in front suddenly swerve to half a cars width over the rumble strip and knocked both cyclists off their bikes.

The driver immediately told the police who she was and it is said she was in a clear state of shock and did not blame anyone else.

The lady had been driving at around 60mph, when she noticed the spider hanging from her visor. She then grabbed hold of the spider, wound her window down and threw the spider out. By time she looked back at the road it was too late as she saw the first of the cyclists.

The defence said that she was in no way speeding, had a clean licence and was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The lady was given 200 hours of community service and has been banned from driving for two years as well as living with the memories of this tragic road traffic accident for the rest of her life.

The Judge said there was no reason to not believe the engineers account of the accident and said he has no doubt that the engineer is the type of person who will never get over the tragedy, it was a case of an error of judgement that created such fatal consequences.

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