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Fine After Man Breaks Arm in Conveyor Belt Accident

A metal recycling firm has been fined after a man broke his arm in an accident involving a conveyor belt.

The accident happened at Hawkeswood Metal Recycling Ltd in April 2010. An unnamed 28 year old man was working close to the conveyor belt when a piece of scrap metal got stuck.

The man tried to free the piece of metal, first by using a mop, and then when this didn’t work, with his hand. However, whilst doing this, his glove became entangled in the roller of the belt, causing his hand to be pulled into the machinery.

The man suffered a broken arm in the accident, as well as soft tissue damage to his wrist. The injury was severe enough that he needed nine months off work to recover.

The Health and Safety Executive decided to prosecute the firm in regards to the accident after they discovered that the belt was not fitted with guards to prevent access to dangerous moving parts.

At Birmingham Crown Court last week they pleaded guilty to breaking work equipment regulations and were fined £50,000.

A spokesperson for the HSE stated that the man’s painful injuries could have been prevented by putting a simple guard in place.

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