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Fine after Multiple Safety Failings put Workers at Risk

A fine has been issued to a company, after multiple safety failings were found to be putting workers at risk.

The Health and Safety Executive made a routine inspection of a construction site in Swansea during August 2011. The site was operated by T Richard Jones (Betws) Ltd, but the HSE found numerous failings.

Firstly, on the inspectors’ arrival, they were informed that the site manager was not present because they were on holiday. On top of this, washing facilities for workers on the site were found to be inadequate.

Other safety breaches put workers at more immediate risk of harm. Two employees were observed working at height without safety measures that would prevent injury in the case of a fall. Also, workers were working with lime mortar without the protection of gloves and goggles. Exposure to the mortar can cause health problems such as dermatitis and burn injuries.

The company were prosecuted for failing to ensure the health and safety of workers. They pleaded guilty at Swansea Magistrates Court this month, and were fined £2,000.

Companies can be held legally liable for compensation if workers are injured through failure to manage health and safety correctly.

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