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Fine for Firm after Workers Fall from School Roof

A construction company has been given a fine after two workers fell from the roof of a school.

The two men were on the flat roof of Barlow Moor High School in Didsbury, Manchester when the accident happened in September 2011. They were employed by Cruden Construction Ltd as part of a refurbishment of the premises.

The workers were three metres above ground level at the time of the incident, investigating a leak on the roof. However, one of the men leant on a wooden handrail on the roof that collapsed and gave way. The other man grabbed hold of him to try and stop him from falling, but they both ended up plunging one and a half metres onto a scaffolding platform below.

Both were injured in the fall, suffering various injuries such as a fractured rib, twisted knee and bruises to the body. Only by luck did they not suffer more serious injuries or be impaled on metal scaffolding poles that were sticking out of the platform.

Cruden Construction Ltd were in front of Trafford Magistrates last week in regards to breaking work at height regulations. This was because they failed to ensure that the handrail was of sufficient strength and rigidity. The company was fined £6,500.

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