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Fine Issued as Man Fixing Rollercoaster Injured in Fall

A fine has been issued after a man was seriously injured in a fall whilst fixing rollercoaster.

The unnamed 42 year old was working at Legoland in Windsor when the accident happened in June 2011. He was helping to remove two damaged roller-coaster trains from the track of the Dragon Coaster ride at the attraction.

Whilst undertaking this work, he stepped on a walkway that was not secured in position. The section had been removed and then put back into place, but had not been re-secured.

Standing on the unsecured walkway caused the man to fall a total of three metres. He suffered multiple injuries, including breaks to bones in his shoulder and ribs.

The HSE looked into the accident and found that work carried on at the park in exactly the same way the next day despite the serious accident happening. They also found that a risk assessment carried out previously stated that harnesses needed to be used to complete the task.

The operators of Legoland – Merlin Attractions Operations Ltd – have been hit with a fine of £23,200 after admitting to breaking work at height regulations at court this month.

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