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Fines Issued after Paint Sprayer’s Chemical Exposure

Fines have been issued after a paint sprayer’s health was affected by exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Adam Coventon suffered the exposure whilst working as a paint sprayer for Prior Scientific Instruments Ltd. His job role involved painting small components used as part of scientific instruments.

This role involved using such chemicals as trichloroethylene, which is used to clean grease from metal before it is painted. The paint itself contained isocyanates, which are harmful to people.

Mr Coventon suffered from breathing problems and eye irritation from working with the chemicals. The exposure has affected his health greatly, leaving him suffering from headaches and a lack of concentration. He is unable to work as a result.

The HSE conducted an investigation and discovered that the company failed to provide equipment to remove the hazardous fumes. They also failed to monitor the health of workers who were being exposed to the chemicals.

It was found that for seven years – between 2002 and 2009 – the company was using the services of a health and safety consultant. Keith Whiting – who traded as KW Consultants – was deemed to have not provided suitable advice and information to ensure the worker’s health in regards to the use of hazardous chemicals.

At Cambridge Magistrates’ Court last week both parties pleaded guilty to breaking health and safety legislation. Prior Scientific Instruments Ltd were fined £1,500 and Keith Whiting – trading as KW Consultants – was fined £1,500.

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