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Firefighter Seeks £150k Compensation after Tripping Over Fire Engine Door

A firefighter is reported to be seeking £150,000 in compensation, after he was injured tripping over the door of a fire engine.

Robert Anderson was injured in the accident on Boxing Day in 2009. He was a part-time firefighter at the time, as well as having a regular job at an engineering company.

In papers lodged at court, it is claimed that Mr Anderson suffered injury whilst climbing down from the rear cab of the vehicle. He tripped over a section of door trim that had come loose. This caused him to fall to the floor and land on his back.

Deadline News reports that the back injury Mr Anderson suffered still requires him to take pain killers to this day. He had to leave the fire brigade and his engineering job, and the injury also prevents him from carrying out many regular everyday activities such as gardening.

It is reported that Mr Anderson is now seeking at least £150,000 compensation for the accident. His lawyers argue in papers submitted to court that the fire engine needed to be repaired.

The fire brigade in question has reportedly denied liability for the accident, stating that Mr Anderson failed to take reasonable care for his own safety.

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