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Firefighter who Developed Occupational Asthma Awarded £15k Compensation

A Somerset firefighter, who suffered health problems after being exposed to noxious fumes, has been awarded £15,000 in compensation.

Forty year old Leigh Payne, from Wells, had worked at the Exeter and Devon Airport, for over thirteen years and the nature of his work meant that he was regularly exposed to hazardous red diesel fumes, pumped out from ground power units and diesel powered tugs used for transporting baggage.

He began to experience breathing difficulties over five years ago and in 2010 it was confirmed that he was suffering from occupational asthma.

The Wells Journal is reporting that Mr. Payne launched a claim for compensation against the airport, after medical professionals linked his condition to the fumes he had been exposed to.

His employers argued the claim from the outset but when confronted with medical evidence admitted liability and agreed to settle the case out of court.

Mr. Payne was awarded £15,000 in occupational asthma compensation; he is still working at the airport but is now on restricted duties.

He told the newspaper that simple measures, such as installing exhaust ducting, could have lessened the exposure he and his co-workers were exposed to.

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