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Fireman Buys Cutting Edge Bionic Hand with Amputation Compensation

A fireman who lost his arm in a coach accident in Spain has used his amputation compensation money to get himself fitted with a cutting edge bionic hand.

Ian Reid suffered the devastating injury in 2004 when he was involved in a coach crash while on holiday in Gran Canaria. Unfortunately the crash killed his wife Alison, and Ian’s arm was mangled in the incident. The lower part of his left arm was amputated a few weeks after the crash

Ian admits to feeling incredibly low after the amputation but has been given an incredible boost by his amputation compensation payout. This is because he has used the insurance money to purchase and have himself fitted with an I-Limb Pulse hand. The device costs £50,000 and its main feature is the fact that each finger and thumb can move and grip independently. The bionic hand is controlled by flexing the muscles on the remaining section of the arm. It can also be programmed by a wireless Bluetooth connection and can be fitted with a natural looking skin covering to aid the aesthetics.

Ian admits that he has now got his life back on track and receives a lot less stares from strangers at his injury. He is still a registered fireman and his ambition now is to return to the frontline fire fighting work he loves.

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