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Five Year Old Girl Brain Damaged at Birth Awarded £5 Million Compensation

The parents of a five year old Blackburn girl, who suffered permanent brain damage after mistakes were made during her birth, have been awarded £5 million in damages.

The Blackburn Citizen newspaper is reporting that Jessica Baldwin was left with severe disabilities including cerebral palsy, after being born by emergency caesarean section at the Queen’s Park Hospital, in Blackburn.

Her parents Sadie and Anthony Baldwin launched a claim for birth injury compensation against the East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, claiming that staff at the hospital had been negligent by not reacting quickly enough to Mrs. Baldwin’s condition.

Preston High Court was told that Mrs. Baldwin had suffered a placental abruption, which is an extremely serious condition, were the placenta becomes separated from the uterus during child birth.

As a result Jennifer suffered hypoxic brain damage which caused her cerebral palsy, however the court was told that the brain injury could easily have been avoided, had the caesarean been carried out earlier.

The NHS Trust admitted liability for the incident and Jessica was awarded a lump sum payment and regular annual payments to cover the cost of her ongoing care, the total of which could run into millions of pounds.

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