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Food Factory Worker Severs Finger Resulting in Company Fine

A worker in a food factory severed their finger in an accident on the production line.

Ewalina Giedziun was employed to work on the suet packing line of a food manufacturing business in Herefordshire. She was at the premises of Q Cold Limited in Ledbury when the accident happened nearly twelve months ago.

The machine she was working on was used to seal plastic bags by crimping the edge in heated clamping jaws. The incident occurred when she reached into the machine and her hand came into contact with the heated jaws.

She severed the tip of her index finger in the accident, and the injury kept her off work for several months.

The Health and Safety Executive investigated the incident and found a problem with the safety guarding on the machine. Although the company had performed a risk assessment and fitted guards and interlocking doors, one of the fixed guards was not secured properly. This meant that the guard was effectively useless, and did not prevent access to moving parts of the machine.

The company was at Hereford Magistrates’ Court this week as a result of this, charged with breaking work equipment regulations. They were fined £2,000 after pleading guilty.

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