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Food Firm Fined after Two Workers suffer Fall from Height Accidents

A major food manufacturing company has been prosecuted and fined, after two employees were injured in separate fall from height accidents.

The first incident involved a maintenance fitter working for Jas Bowman and Sons Ltd, at their production plant at the Ickleford Mill in Ickleford, North Hertfordshire.

Stevenage Magistrates’ Court was told that the worker had climbed onto the frame of a nearby machine in order to clean an elevated conveyor, unfortunately he slipped and was sent crashing to the floor below, the maintenance fitter, who has not been named, fractured his right shoulder blade and a vertebra in his spine.

In the second incident, just over a year later, an electrical sub-contractor who was working on a jammed lift door, fell down the lift shaft after manually overriding the lift doors release mechanism and stepping in, not realising the lift had returned to the ground floor.

He suffered serious personal injury in the fall, including a fractured skull, extensive bruising and a severed right ear.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigated the incidents and identified serious safety failings, including a lack of planning and proper supervision in both cases.

Jas Bowman and Sons Ltd admitted breaches of the Work at Height Regulations and the Health and Safety at Work Act and were fined a total of £40,000.

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