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foot injury compensationAt Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors, we understand that a foot injury can be painful and long lasting.  You could be off your feet for weeks after an injury to your foot. Contact us to find out if your can claim for foot injury compensation.

The main injuries to a foot are:-

  • Heel fracture. These are commonly the result of a fall from height although they can be seen in some road accidents as well.
  • Fractured Talus Bone. This is an important weight bearing bone situated near the ankle. Fractures to this area can be very painful and debilitating
  • Fractured Toes. Whilst painful, these injuries do tend to settle down quite quickly with appropriate medical attention.
  • Fracture of the foot. The middle part of the foot is often fractured when heavy loads are dropped (often fracturing the toes as well). It can also be dislocated and twisting injury can also cause a fracture.
  • Ruptured ligaments.

How are foot injuries caused?

  • Trips and slips. Many accidents occur whilst negotiating holes in pavements on public roads and slipping over on spillages in the office, factory or a shop.
  • Falls. Falls from height often result in fractures to the heel. The height does not need to be significant for a fracture to occur; falling off a ladder or even off a step can cause a fracture.
  • Dropping a heavy item onto the foot. This may be your fault but if it happens at work and you have not been provided with appropriate footwear for the task, then you may have a claim.
  • Road Accidents. Many injuries to the foot arise out of serious road accidents.

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