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Footballer Dean Ashton Starts Claim for Work Injury Compensation

Footballer Dean Ashton is launching a work injury compensation claim after a tackle damaged his ankle so badly it ended his career at the age of just 26. The claim is being debated by the legal teams of both the FA and Chelsea to discover who is liable. The injury occurred after being on the receiving end of a tackle by Shaun Wright-Philips – then a Chelsea player – during an England training session before a friendly match in August 2006.

Ashton told the BBC’s Radio 5 Live that as his own insurance policy had been renewed after he had made a comeback from the injury, the policy did not cover the injured ankle and was thus stopping him making his own work injury compensation claim. Ashton was only 18 months into a 5 year contract with West Ham when he was forced into retirement and is believed to want compensation for loss of future earnings. At the age of 26 he arguably had left up to 10 years playing at the top level.

In a separate case, West Ham have launched a claim for compensation off of the FA’s insurance for the costs they incurred in paying up Ashton’s contract.

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