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Footballer Hendry will make clinical negligence claim following wife’s death

Former Scotland captain Colin Hendry is planning to make a clinical negligence claim following the death of his wife.

Denise Hendry died last July after contracting an infection in hospital. She had previously been awarded £300,000 in compensation after a botched plastic surgery procedure in 2004, which left her with a string of health problems.

The ‘routine’ liposuction operation, which was carried out by cosmetic surgeon Gustaf Aniansson, left Denise with blood poisoning, kidney failure, a heart attack and a collapsed lung. Aniansson perforated her small intestine and colon nine times during the procedure.

In 2008 she spent three more months in hospital when an operation to rebuild her stomach ended up damaging her bowel even further. Then last year, when she was admitted to Salford Royal in Greater Manchester for another corrective operation, she contracted an infection and slipped out of consciousness – only being kept alive by a life support machine.

Mr Hendry, who has voiced a number of concerns about the quality of her treatment in Salford, then had to make the heart-breaking decision to switch off his wife’s machine when doctors told him she had no chance of recovery.

An inquest into Denise’s death is due to be held in May. This is likely to determine whether Mr Hendry’s clinical negligence medical claim against Salford Royal will be a success or not.

Last week the Sunday Mail revealed that Aniansson, the surgeon who performed his wife’s first operation, is facing over 50 complaints across Europe and has previously paid out £750,000 to 16 victims of botched operations in the UK alone.

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