Forklift Truck Accident Compensation

Fork Lift Truck Fork-lift trucks are used for lifting heavy crates, palettes and other objects that are too dangerous or heavy  to be lifted by human strength alone. However, there are risks in using them and therefore employees need to be appropriately trained in how to use them. If you have been injured in a fork-lift truck accident and believe you have been a victim of employer negligence, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

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There are currently around 8000 fork-lift truck accidents in the UK every year. From this approximately 12 people die, in most cases their deaths could have been prevented if they had been appropriately trained to use the equipment.

Fork-lift trucks must be operated with a degree of care. Accidents can happen to the person driving the vehicle, or to anyone in the surrounding area. Therefore, people who are working in an area that holds a fork-lift truck must also take extra care to ensure that they do not fall victim to a nasty accident.


Causes of Fork-Lift Truck Accidents:

Injuries can be caused in a fork-lift truck accident when:

  • There is a collision with a pedestrian
  • Heavy loads fall from the truck onto people nearby
  • The fork-lift truck is imbalanced and topples over
  • A pedestrian is not seen and crushed between the truck and another object or the wall
  • The fork-lift truck hits another object or vehicle

There are preventative measures that can be carried out to increase safety around fork-lift trucks. These include wearing high visibility jackets and hard hats. Faulty machinery should be intercepted in plenty of time before an accident can occur with regular checks on all parts of the equipment.

Employers should be covered by liability insurance to protect them and you if you have suffered an accident whilst in their premises. This insurance is obligatory by law and provides cover in the event of an accident in which a claim for compensation could be made. This insurance also means that your employer will not be damaged financially if you are to make a claim against them.

Therefore, you should not worry about making a compensation claim as the implications of doing so should be minimal, and the majority of employers are understandable about injured employees needing compensation to fund missed time off work and other expenses that naturally come with having an accident.


Making a Fork-Lift Truck Accident Compensation Claim

Contact us at Amanda Cunliffe SolicitorsThe Health and Safety Guidelines regarding Fork-Lift Trucks are stated in the Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Act of 1992. Regulation 17 says that pedestrians and vehicles must be able to move about their workplace in a safe manner and without danger to people working nearby. If necessary, this should include segregating pedestrians and vehicles, with traffic routes signed accordingly.

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