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Former Footballer makes Pedestrian Accident Injury Claim after Leg is Crushed

A former footballer who played for Oxford United whose leg was crushed in a horrific accident is making a pedestrian accident injury claim.

After giving up on his football career, Steve Tavinor became a scaffolder. The 36 year old was unloading scaffolding from a lorry when he was hit by a car driven by Trevor Tyler. Mr Tyler was convicted on Monday of dangerous driving and given a £100 fine and four points on his license.

Mr Tavinor suffered severe injuries to his left leg in the incident, which has affected his life greatly. The injury to his leg was so serious that it was feared it would have to be amputated immediately. Despite an eight hour emergency operation and a long rehabilitation, there is still a chance that he could lose the leg. He still uses crutches and has a metal frame around his leg. He has had to undergo a series of operations in the recovery process, including one to insert a metal pin.

Mr Tavinor has not been able to work since the injury and fears it could hamper his long term employment prospects as a scaffolder. He is claiming £300,000 in compensation for the accident.

Mr Tavinor had a brief career in the football world, starting as a trainee at Oxford United before playing for Oxford City and Witney Town.

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