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Former Michelin Tyre Worker Wins Asbestos Claim

A former worker of Michelin Tyres has won £23,300 for his asbestos claim.

Roy Ibbs has been struck down with asbestosis after being exposed to asbestos dust. Mr Ibbs worked as a pipe fitter for Michelin from 1969 to 1985. During this period he was exposed to thick and heavy clouds of asbestos dust during his normal working environment. It is thought that asbestos lined the pipes he was maintaining. The Stoke based factory employed nearly 9,000 workers during its height in the 1960s. It cut back to around 1,000 during the 1980s due to economic circumstances.

Mr Ibbs now suffers from asbestosis caused by his working conditions. Asbestosis is a permanent respiratory condition which causes the lungs to stiffen. This lack of contraction and expansion leads to serious bouts of breathlessness for the sufferer. Due to his health condition, Mr Ibbs was unable to attend the High Court hearing which decided his asbestos claim. He was awarded £23,300 in compensation, and it was later revealed that Michelin had offered £20,000 to settle out of court before hand. The High Court ruling could make it possible for many former Michelin workers to start compensation claims against the company for asbestos exposure.

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