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Former Mill Workers Win Compensation for Hearing Loss

Former mill workers from Lancashire have been awarded almost £40,000 in compensation, after becoming victims of industrial deafness.

The Lancashire Telegraph is reporting that legal action was taken against the former Perseverance Mill in Padiham, Caledonia Textiles in Burnley, and the Smith and Nephew mill in Brierfield, even though the companies have now closed down or moved away from the East Lancashire area.

Cases of industrial deafness can occur many years after an employee stops working in a noisy environment but a claim can still be made as long as the companies’ former insurers can be traced.

Many of the claims which have been settled over the last two years, involved weavers who worked with giant looms at the old Perseverance Mill in Albion Street, including an out of court payment of £4,000 awarded to a loom supervisor, who is now forced to lip read when in a social situation.

A cotton weaver employed at the same factory now suffers with mild hearing loss and tinnitus, which is a ringing or buzzing sound in the ears caused by prolonged exposure to excessive noise.

Workers at the mills were reportedly subjected to noise levels of between 93 decibels and 102 decibels on a regular basis, which is almost the equivalent of standing seven metres away from a pneumatic drill.

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