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Former Miner Awarded £70,000 Asbestos Compensation

A former Nottinghamshire coal miner suffering from the asbestos related cancer mesothelioma has been awarded £70,000 in compensation.

The BBC News Nottingham is reporting that ninety two year old Dennis Ball, from Beeston, spent his early working life as a member of the British armed forces, spending ten years in the Royal Navy, before starting work in the coal mining industry in 1964.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change admitted that Mr. Ball was exposed to the deadly asbestos fibres while working at both the Sutton Colliery and the Moor Green Colliery, in Nottinghamshire.

Mr. Ball was employed by British Coal for a period of over twenty years but since being diagnosed with mesothelioma he has been forced to move into a nursing home, completely losing his independence.

He was awarded £70,000 in asbestos compensation at the High Court in London, where Mrs Justice Swift stated that the disease had had “a devastating effect on his life”.

A representative from Mr. Ball’s legal team stated that the case paved the way for other elderly sufferers of mesothelioma to receive compensation for the pain and distress caused by this devastating illness, “regardless of age”.

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