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Former Serviceman makes Military Negligence Claim against the RAF

A former serviceman is making a military negligence claim against the RAF, which he claims have caused him with a serious illness.

Shaun Wood claims he was exposed to harmful chemicals during his service, which have left him with multiple system atrophy. The illness attacks the nervous system and is incurable. He now requires the use of a wheelchair and has to take a cocktail of drugs, totalling 50 tablets a day.

Mr Wood claims that his condition results from the time he spent as a painter and finisher for the RAF. During this time he claims he was exposed to dangerous chemicals such as trichloroethylene and dichloromethane. He was exposed to these chemicals for up to 12 hours a day.

Shaun comes from a family of RAF servicemen. His father was a Lancaster bomb navigator, and his two sons are serving in the air force. Mr Wood was discharged from the RAF in 1995 due to his illness. He is now battling for compensation from the military for the pain he has suffered. A Court in Middlesbrough recently backed his case but the Ministry of Defence has appealed that decision. The MoD contests its legal liability to pay Mr Wood compensation. If the appeal is unsuccessful then Mr Wood would be due a substantial figure in compensation.

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