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Former Soldier Attempts Suicide after Receiving just £9,000 Psychological Work Compensation

A British soldier who completed 3 tours of duty in Iraq has been reported to have attempted suicide after receiving just £9,000 in psychological work compensation.

Michael Fong served in the forces for a total of 12 years as part of the Duke of Lancaster Regiment. However after completing six tours of Northern Ireland and three of Iraq, he has been left psychologically traumatised by his experiences. He has been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. He now cannot work, has to take strong medication and suffers from many symptoms including panic attacks.

Michael reported to The Sun newspaper that he is tortured by flashbacks of the horrors he saw while on duty. He frequently hits the ground at unexpected noises and has had panic attacks after seeing children playing a computer war game. He worked shortly on a construction site after leaving the army but again suffered trauma at the sound of a nail gun being used.

He recently saved up his anti-depressant and sleeping tablets in a bid he says to take his own life. Fortunately friends arrived at his home and prevented tragedy from happening.

Michael received just £9,000 in compensation from the official Armed Forces Compensation Scheme for his post-traumatic stress disorder.

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