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Former Soldier Wins Psychiatric Injury Compensation

A former female soldier has won nearly £7000 psychiatric injury compensation after harassment by male colleagues. The 42 year old from Essex has vowed to give her award to charity, including the Help for Heroes organisation. The Court agreed with Donna Rayments’ claim that she had been sexually harassed while serving with the Honourable Artillery Company. The Judge also accepted that Major McCaffrey, who was the then adjutant of the company, tried to force Ms Rayments out of the regiment with the use of a genuine administrative error. It was reported that Major McCaffrey viewed her as a “troublesome and challenging” soldier, although Ms Rayment had reached the rank of lance sergeant during her career there.

The Court heard that Ms Rayment had been subjected to offensive and inappropriate behaviour. This included male colleagues covering the walls of the room where she worked in pictures of naked women. She filed the psychiatric injury compensation claim after suffering from adjustment disorder and depression. Despite her victory in the case, Ms Rayment declared that she had never done it for the money but for justice. She had originally turned down a £60,000 out of court settlement offer before the case from The Ministry of Defence.

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